Future of Ecommerce for Small Business

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Since 2008, ecommerce has grown at a pace at least twice as fast as total retail sales. For small businesses managing online stores to remain relevant and successful, the key will be to keep ahead of the curve and implement focused strategies that ultimately drive sales and customer satisfaction. So where should small business ecommerce retailers… Read more »

Could You Reach Out To An International Audience?

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If you have a small to medium scale enterprise that is doing very well locally, it may be time to think about expanding into another country. Taking your company overseas is a huge step in the life of any business and, as such, should not be taken lightly or without proper preparation. First of all… Read more »

Increased Dependence on Social Media

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Today it is not simply enough to have a sales page online, in order to make contact with customers. Businesses started with creating webpages to advertise their products and services. This created a surefire way for customers to see product offerings, store hours, prices and more at a quick glance. Today, customers want to connect… Read more »

Incoming Trends in Ecommerce Sales

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As the eCommerce market becomes increasingly competitive, companies are beginning to find new ways to ensure that their business is able to draw in new customers while keeping things convenient for loyal shoppers. Many eCommerce pages focus on providing goods that cannot be found in retail shops or those that cater to a specific niche…. Read more »

10 Things Business Owners Can Count On in 2014

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Looks like 2014 will carry at least 10 certainties for small business owners, at least as far as Inc.com’s columnist Gene Marks is concerned. Washington gridlock will continue. Health-care reform will not be repealed. U.S. national debt will continue to rise to unprecedented levels. Interest rates will stay low, then slightly rise. There will be no significant… Read more »

6 Rules of Email Marketing

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Email marketing isn’t going anywhere, though it can be more and more difficult to get your message across. Inboxes worldwide are crushed with newsletters, email blasts and the lastest company news. Here are 6 rules to follow to stay relevant, compliant, and increase your chances of conversion. Design – more and more often people check email… Read more »

Enable your Website for Cross-Border Transactions Before the Holidays

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Bongo International Cross Border eCommerce Solutions Free webinar Oct 8, 2013 See for yourself how easily you can expand into international markets with Bongo International and Zen Cart. Learn about: Enabling an online store to easily conduct Cross-Border transactions. International Fraud Guarantee Accurate Duty/Tax Calculation Export Compliance Several additional Payment Options for international visitors in… Read more »

iConvert® Scanner for iPad Tablet – Techie Friday

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Ready for some early holiday shopping? Useful gadgets will be in order for your favorite techie. This week’s gadget allows you to scan documents onto your tablet. It’s the easy, accurate way to save documents as JPEG files on your iPad, iPad 2 or 3rd generation iPad tablets! Instantly scan your important documents for easy organization,… Read more »